Frequently Asked Questions about finance

Frequently Asked Questions about ECO (coming soon)

Annual Percentage Rate. This is the method by which the interest is calculated and used for comparison purposes.

No. The remaining balance will be recalculated automatically so the customer doesn’t pay any more than they need to. If the customer wishes to pay a ‘chunk’ off the agreement they can choose whether to reduce the length of the term or reduce the monthly repayments accordingly.

A £12.00 fixed penalty charge will be incurred by the customer. They should contact the lender and reschedule payments as quickly as possible.

Notify the lender at the earliest opportunity and ensure good communication. Contact details
will be clearly provided in the finance agreement.

No. This model uses ‘unsecured personal finance’ and is not secured against any asset.

The Financial Conduct Authority is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, but operates independently of the UK government. It is financed by charging fees to directly authorised firms within the financial services industry.

Yes. In many different ways, the FCA exists entirely for the benefit of the consumer.

Yes. There is always a mandatory 14 day ‘cooling off period’. This can be waivered upon
request from the customer (there is a downloadable template in your portal).

No. It is a standard level of check and varies depending on the amount of finance required. We can go through a verbal eligibility assessment with the customer if there are any concerns.

0800 024 8505 Option 2 or you can call any of the team’s direct dial if you prefer.

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