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The ECO4 government scheme aims to target properties that could benefit from better heating and insulation to improve their energy efficiency. Having a home that’s energy-efficient means you won’t have to pay as much in bills.

You could save over £10,000 in just your first year

You could save over £10,000 in just your first year when you make the most of FREE home improvements that could be available to you. Just think what that money could be used for!    Take the first step towards a more energy-efficient home that’s cheaper to run.

Join Jackie, who is saving money on her energy bills this winter …

Jackie Marsh

Myself and my husband have been worrying about our energy bills for a while now. The funding we received meant we had a new efficient boiler fitted along with some cavity wall insulation for free!

It was quick and easy to find out if we qualified and the blokes who installed our upgrades were polite and efficient. We’re happy that we no longer need to worry about the winter months!

We’ve helped thousands of customers like Jackie improve the energy efficiency of their homes and save money on bills, all thanks to the UK Government’s ECO schemes. 

Find out if you are eligible today. 

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  • Buying and installing a new gas boiler can cost around £4,000 on average, but with an ECO4 funded energy efficient boiler you could receive it for FREE and potentially save up to £380 per year in bills!  

  • Installing new insulation can cost around £530 but keeping your home well insulated with ECO4 funded insulation can save you all that plus an average £255 per year as there will be less energy wastage! 

  • Solar panels are a great way to generate energy efficiently. The energy you create can be sold back to the grid or used to help power your home. Installing solar panels can cost up to a whopping £6,500 to purchase and install but with the ECO4 grant, you could be entitled to FREE solar panels and save up to £400 per year on your bills! 
  • Free heating upgrades 
    By taking advantage of free ECO4 funding you can expect to feel the changes around your home. Your new, energy efficient boiler won’t need to work as hard to heat your home meaning that you’ll save money on heating bills. You could also have an air source heat pump installed if your property qualifies for one. This device absorbs heat from the outside of your home and releases it inside for an extra boost of warmth. It’s a win-win!  
  • Free insulation upgrades 
    You’ll no longer have to worry about draughts creeping through your loft or heat escaping through the walls. With free insulation upgrades available, you’ll be wasting less energy and maximising the amount of heat your home can retain.  

  • Free solar panels
    The energy generated by your FREE solar panels can be used to power your home or can be sold back to the grid.  If you’re saving and making money at the same time, this makes solar panels an even more worthwhile addition to your home. If you qualify, we can install solar panels on your property’s roof and sustainably generate more energy for years to come.  

We’re a business that will help you to improve your home’s energy efficiency via government ECO funding. This means that you could receive free or heavily subsidized home improvements that will improve your property’s energy performance, cut carbon emissions, and save you money on your energy bills.  

Our helpful advisors will assess your home and ask you a few questions. If both you and your property are eligible for ECO funding, we can go ahead and install your home improvements at a time that suits you.  

We’ve been working with the government ECO scheme since it started in 2013 and have delivered over £300m in lifetime bill savings to eligible applicants… but we’re not stopping there! 

Once your ECO funding application has been approved and your grant entitlement has been confirmed, our qualified and accredited installers will arramge a suitable time with you to install your brand new, ‘A’ rated boiler.

The boiler installation is usually completed on the same day. Our booking team will coordinate the entire process and address any queries you may have regarding the installation.

We’ve already carried out thousands of installations across the UK and in your area.

It might sound too good to be true, but we can assure you it’s not! Thanks to the current government ECO4 scheme, funding is available for those on benefits who are looking to improve their homes EPC rating. This funding, which we can provide access to, will help qualifying individuals improve the energy efficiency of their homes and, in turn, save money on their energy bills. Once we know that you qualify and we have assessed your property, we’ll send our trustworthy installers to install your home improvements. This available funding means that you could be entitled to energy efficient home improvements free of charge or at a heavily subsidised price.  

Our responsibility is to ensure that the people that qualify are aware of this scheme and how they can benefit from it. Since 2013, grants provided by the ECO scheme have helped to improve over 2.4 million homes across the UK, reducing energy bills by 20% on average. You can find out more about the energy company obligation here .

You can qualify for ECO4 funding if you have one or more of the following benefits: 

      • Income based Jobseeker’s allowance (JSA)
      • Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
      • Income Support (IS)
      • Pension Credit
      • Guarantee Credit
      • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
      • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
      • Universal Credit (UC)
      • Housing Benefit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)
      • Pension Credit Savings Credit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)
      • Child Benefit (please see below information)


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